Water Damage


Water Damage Mitigation

Whether it is a broken water pipe, frozen pipe or sewer back up, Piedmont Pro Clean can respond to help you clean up and dry out your property and return it to a safe and sanitary condition.

We will do the initial inspection to take readings and map out where the water has permeated. With this information, we will extract the water remove materials which are not salvageable, apply antimicrobial to prevent mold growth and set up and monitor drying equipment to dry the remaining structure.

We use the newest and most powerful equipment in the industry which means your damage will be dried quickly, usually in 3 days or less.

At Piedmont Pro Clean, we have been in business for more than 10+ years and can help you if you have suffered from water damage.

Restoring a property which has been damaged by water involves many steps, depending on the severity of the damage. If the water has been sitting for some time, the process will be drastically different than if you are able to spot the problem and contact us right away.

However, many of the steps involved in repairing water damage in a residential home or commercial property are standard.

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